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HB VE660 Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin

HB-VE660 epoxy vinyl ester resin has the properties of ultra-low shrinkage curing and good wettability with glass fiber.

Construction technology, the product has good toughness and high elongation and good impact resistance.


HB-VE660 vinyl ester resin can be used to make parts with good surface quality and large area FRP.

Products, such as FRP moulds, wood-based panels and wind turbine blades, can also be adapted to shipbuilding, casting, automotive and electronics industry.

Field. It is suitable for hand paste, winding, pultrusion, spraying, centrifugal casting and other conventional forming processes.

Resin performance index


Light yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity mPa. s (25 C) 400-600

Gel time min (25 C) 5~30

Solid content% 56-62

Thermal stability HR (80 C) > 24


Note: The above data indicators can be adjusted according to user requirements.

Physical and mechanical properties


Tensile strength MPa 75

Tensile modulus MPa 3100

Fracture elongation% 4.0

Bending strength MPa 110

Bending modulus MPa 3400

Impact strength (no notch) KJ/M2 18.0

Hardness 38

Hot Deformation Temperature 105

Linear contraction rate% 0.2

Environmental Conditions and Ratio

Operating ambient temperature 5-35 C ambient relative humidity below 85%.

The proportion of supporting curing agent and accelerator is 100:0.5-2:0-3 (weight ratio)

Packaging and storage conditions

200 KG barrel, 220 KG barrel, ton packing; Keep in dark place, avoid direct sunlight, and away from fire source.

Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place at 5-30 C. Avoid sun exposure and rain. The shelf life is 6 months.

Pre-promoted storage period: 2 months from May to October and 3 months for the rest of the year.

During storage and transportation, supporting curing agents and accelerators shall not be mixed.


Transportation meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations of the state, and resin is transported in accordance with general chemicals.


Preparing: If it is a PRE-PROMOTED product, the amount of curing agent determined by field test will be slowly poured into the batching container and stirred.

It can be used in operation time when mixing evenly; if it is a non-pre-accelerating resin, solidification determined by field test will be added separately.

The quantity of agent and accelerant is slowly poured into the batching container, and the mixing is evenly used during the operation time.

With the use of ingredients, each ingredient should not be oversized. According to the size of the product, the process requirements and the temperature, the gel time is controlled.

Run out.

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